10x10 installation by Individuals

Individuals opens Fashion Week Downtown, the public programme of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, with the installation '10x10', based on ten iconic elements that characterize the brand.

Individuals '10x10' installation from 21 - 30 january 2011.

La Petite Mort, a/w 2011

La Petite Mort is Individuals’ tenth collection. A milestone in the history of the brand.

The collection is all about taking a leap of faith. The moment when morals collapse and barriers fade. As adrenaline kicks in, everything turns black. Sparks rush through your veins and the only light is the electricity you emit. Still the question remains: is jumping worth the fall?


Individuals has launched its new website on January 21 , which also was the introduction of our new house style. The website shows a new and improved character that embodies the current brand identity.

It is a platform for each generation of Individuals to tell their personal fashion story, by adding new chapters every season.

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