Thank you!

Thank you! A shout out to all coaches, partners, sponsors and friends who helped us this season.

Photo courtesy by Team Peter Stiger.

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Femininity in the spotlight for A/W 16-17

On Wednesday 20 January 2016, iNDiViDUALS presented its A/W 16-17 collection. Guests were welcomed to join in on the brand’s latest fascination, through an exhibition and seemingly impromptu catwalkshow. Sparked by the fourth wave of feminism and the brand’s infatuation with a girl gang of unapologetic, modern-day feminists, the collection is an ode to the versatility of women, who can be both tough and vulnerable.  

iNDiViDUALS A/W 16-17 Collection Show at Bagagehal, Loods 6 in Amsterdam

On January 20 iNDiViDUALS will present its latest A/W 16-17 collection. The 20th collection is the follow-up to the S/S 16 collection and contributes to the continuing narrative of iNDiVIDUALS. Watch it live on January 20 at 18:20. Livestream by Eventproducent.

Thank you!

We thank all coaches, partners, sponsors and friends for supporting us during this season.

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Photo courtesy of Team Peter Stigter

Extraordinary contrasts and energetic silhouettes for S/S 16

On Wednesday the 1st of July 2015, iNDiViDUALS presented its S/S 16 collection in B. Amsterdam. iNDiViDUALS built a maze in the geometrical space where the collection was presented in a dynamic way. Iconic for the S/S 16 collection is the energetic abstract print that has an impressive effect on the fluent silhouettes. A combination of bright and neutral tones results in a fresh mix of sporty and elegant. Contrasts in material, silhouette and print refer together to the complexity of the human mind.

Photo courtesy of Team Peter Stigter

iNDiViDUALS S/S 16 Collection Show at B. Amsterdam

iNDiViDUALS will introduce its S/S 16 collection on the first of July at B. Amsterdam. The concept is inspired by the interplay of rational thoughts and emotional impulses that make our lives more dynamic. The show promises bright splashes of colour, sparkling textures and solid hues!

Thank you!

We thank all coaches, partners, sponsors and friends for supporting us at our A/W 15-16 show.

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