iNDiViDUALS S/S 16 Collection Show at B. Amsterdam

iNDiViDUALS will introduce its S/S 16 collection on the first of July at B. Amsterdam. The concept is inspired by the interplay of rational thoughts and emotional impulses that make our lives more dynamic. The show promises bright splashes of colour, sparkling textures and solid hues!

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We thank all coaches, partners, sponsors and friends for supporting us at our A/W 15-16 show.

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iNDiViDUALS A/W 15-16 shows pyjamas on the runway

iNDiViDUALS unveiled its A/W 15-16 collection at INIT in Amsterdam on the 21st of January 2015. The office building was transformed into a comfort zone through the presentation of a nonchalant collection. Warm lighting, soothing music and graceful choreography starkly contrasted the streamlined architecture. The collection embraces the nonchalance of a Sunday morning through cosy pyjama references using loose-fitting silhouettes.

iNDiViDUALS A/W 15-16 Collection Show at INIT

On Wednesday, the 21st of January, iNDiViDUALS will unveil its A/W 15-16 collection at INIT in Amsterdam Oostenburgereiland. The iNDiViDUALS A/W 15-16 concept is driven by the thought to let go of chasing expectations and finding your own path. Embracing the comfortable nonchalance of a Sunday Morning, the collection aims to make the wearer feel at ease. For the third season, the 24 students of AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute share full responsibility for organising the show.

An exclusive collaboration merging fashion and art

Can fashion be art? iNDiViDUALS explores the answer to this continuous conversation, collaborating with the Amsterdam-based contemporary artists Broersen & Lukács for an exclusive line of unique pieces.
On the occasion of the Amsterdam Art Weekend, iNDiViDUALS launches a line of 24 unique T-shirts in collaboration with the renowned art duo. Counter-reacting to today’s zeitgeist of reproduction, the collaboration plays on translating the exclusivity of art to fashion.

Each of the unisex T-shirts is a unique piece, featuring a different fragment of Broersen & Lukács’ most recent installation “Ruins in Reverse”, currently part of the ‘On the Move’ exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The limited edition T-shirts are available for 125 Euro at the byAMFI Statement Store, Spui 23 Amsterdam.

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We thank all coaches, partners, sponsors and friends on both professional and personal level. Mediamatic, Bdifferent Art&Catwalk direction - Kim Vos & Co - Michelle den Hollander - Diek Pothoven, Club Lederhosen - Tamara van der Laarse, Event Producent liveStream, Jurlights, Team Peter Stigter, Alpha Male Model Management, Colourfool Agency, Fresh Model Management, Mix Models, Alina Ozerova, Cees Boschman, Clément Carat, Daphny Raes, De Nederlandse, De Zoete Inval, Donny Craves, FashionRollers, Greengiving, Harry van Duren, Hortense Lauras, Hosokawa, Marc Deurloo, Marcel Veldhuijzen | Com&Pass, Mediamoments, Palladium, Sacha.

iNDiViDUALS S/S 15 collection presentation

On the 3rd of July iNDiViDUALS kicked off the new fashion season in Amsterdam with its S/S 15 collection show at Mediamatic. The S/S 15 concept recognizes that today’s turbulent and uncertain environment has placed human identities under pressure. The collection presents the courage found to take distance from hyper reality. This was symbolized through eclectic, light and vibrant pieces. On the catwalk, the collection’s eye-deceiving print almost had a holographic effect, concealing and revealing the collection’s full colour palette.

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