This exhibition tells the story of the process of the creation of NATURE’S CHILD. NATURE’S CHILD –CONSUMMATUM EST- is Individuals’ eleventh collection, will be presented at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week on July 14th. This is the latest chapter in the Individuals fashion story.

Individuals by SALON/2, HUIZEFRANKENDAEL from 1-17th July 2011.

Sample Sale by iNDiViDUALS

On Saturday the 28th of May individuals will participate in the HTNK ONEDAYSHOP. The 800m2 store will feature Dutch designer labels, fashion, illustrations, photography, art, designer, shoes, bags and accessories. Individuals will sell its Lalala and Porcelain Papillon collections at attractive prices.

This is a unique opportunity to get a totally new wardrobe. Free entrance and you can pay CASH ONLY! Be there, you’re invited.

See the collections here.

Special thanks to HTNK.

Spring/summer 2011

On February 14th Individuals' latest spring/summer collection 2011 will be in stores. 'Some dream of running away to the circus' is a clear contrast between figure-hugging forms and loose shapes. The collection is abundant with the beautiful colours and gorgeous prints, including a fresh and joyful color pallet of dazzling white, champagne, popping pink, daring turquoise, and cannon-ball black.

See the collection here.

Individuals at AIFW

On January 27 Individuals presented its autumn/winter collection 2011 during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, AIFW. La Petite Mort is Individuals’ tenth collection. A milestone in the history of the brand.

Images by Peter Stigter, can be found here.

Special thanks to de Nederlandse.

Moi Même

Students of the minor Visual Culture by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute have taken the La Petite Mort-collection as an ingredient for a short fashion film. The story told in the film Moi Même is the students version of the concept behind the Individuals autumn/winter collection 2011.

The film can be found here.

Opening 10x10 installation

On January 21 Individuals had the honour to officialy open Fashion Week Downtown, the public programm of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, with the 10x10 installation. Based on ten iconic elements that characterize the brand, an installation was created to show the growth of the brand over the last five years. Images by Mathieu van Ek, can be found here.

Special thanks to Rosemount and Hotel Arena.

CANVAS #1 by Individuals

CANVAS #1 is the singlet-line of Individuals. A concept which produces unique, hand printed singlets. A series of single singlets which tell the personal story of an Individuals-generation.

The starting point of the concept is the number 1; to emphasize the uniqueness and singularity of each singlet, design and generation. In a series of 1’s each CANVAS #1 is unique.

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